Will Not Work For “Exposure”

Everyone knows at least one creative person in their life – be it in the field of photography, music, web design, graphic design, painting, drawing, making jewelry, singing, dancing, et cetera. We all know at least one person who uses their creativity as a source

Let’s Talk About How H.P. Lovecraft Was Racist AF

If you’ve ever been on the Internet, played a video game, watched a horror movie, or read a horror novel then you have probably, in some way, been exposed to Lovecraftian themes. H.P. Lovecraft has beenĀ heralded as a master of the horror genre, mainly due

Horror & Suspense Offerings from Hulu & Netflix

I know a lot of people use both Hulu and Netflix, or just one of the services, so I collected movies that I enjoyed from each service here for your viewing pleasure. There are many other movies besides the ones listed, and I’m constantly watching

Why I Broke Up with My Calorie Counter

Losing weight, getting into shape, and dieting are things that a lot of people are constantly talking about online. It’s hard to go on any form of social media and not be bombarded with everything fromĀ fat and thin shaming to body positivity. But social media

Free Alternatives to Popular Software

Software can be expensive, which is why pirating software has become as popular as it is. But not everyone wants to pirate software, and not everyone can afford the name brand software, especially not teens who are trying to learn how to use the programs

Crow VS Movie Recommendations

It’s time to duel, and I’m not talking about Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m talking about a challenge that a website didn’t even know they’d issued when they posted a link to an article on their website.