Basically WTF

Basically WTF came into being in November of 2014. It was created to allow my previous website, Art of Fail, become the home to my art and still provide me a place to talk about the things in life that I see, the funny things I think of, etc. Basically WTF was named partially after a phrase I commonly used and partially because I saw an opportunity to make a long lasting joke with myself.

My occasional contributors are allowed to post anything that they want, so long as it isn’t hate speech (that shit isn’t tolerated on this website). Basically WTF is life, basically. It’s all those, “what the fuck,” moments and all those happy moments. It’s growing up. It’s silly observations. It’s stress at work. It’s short stories and poetry. It’s home.

The Interrobang‽

I have adopted the Interrobang (also called the interabang) as the symbol of Basically WTF. It seemed incredibly fitting as this nonstandard punctuation symbol is a mashup of a question and exclamation mark. It implies the inflection on the title of the website that I personally use. It is also to help this punctuation gain more visibility and to inform people of its informal existence. Embrace the interrobang. Embrace it.


An ambiguous entity that balances on the edge between being a polite, respectful person and a being of pure rage. Nothing can explain how it thinks, not even itself. It seems to hold on to a set of morals, but those morals can be and usually are put to the test in the face of stupidity and/or arrogance. It sees us all as one, and people who consider themselves something other than the whole are not entitled to respect. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. OK, not really. If it were a Borg someone would have ripped its cybernetic spine out by now.


An entity consisting of restlessness, sarcasm, and a twisted sort of pride. It is a faithful minion to the Supreme Overlord, Misha Collins. It is a threat only to itself and usually stumbles through one awkward situation after another while trying desperately to hold on to some semblance of dignity. Tharin, when in the company of Crow, goes by the moniker Catwoman and is, at all times, a connoisseur of all things Beatles.

Draven & Talon

The entities known as Draevan and Talon are bound together through some archaic, possibly satanic, ritual called, “marriage.” They have slain so many a demon, orc, vampire, zombie, and other supernatural (sometimes human) beings together over the years that this unholy union just seemed to make sense. Defending the North against would-be invaders, these two battle hardened warriors have unknowingly been coined as, “Dralon,” by Crow