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It’s Not a Church, It’s a Hate Group

Regardless of your religion, sexual preferences, race, sex, or any other social identifiers you are a human being. Westboro “Baptist Church” is not a church; it is a hate group. They pick and choose and skew the words from the Bible, a book that means

Graphic Design: I’m Fighting an Uphill Battle

I have an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design that I obtained in 2007. I designed the logo for Spartanburg Community College’s coffee shop while still in college, have designed and sold T-shirts on my online T-shirt shop GrimWorld. My degree also covers webdesign and I took business classes. I can run a printing press, speak in front of over 200 (sometimes angry) people at once, I worked as a manager for 2 years and as a shift lead for 2 years before that. I interned with my Graphic Design teacher in college and taught one of his classes.

How Do You Words?

The internet is for porn… and badly put together opinions, shoddy attempts at writing, internet memes, and goddamn pie. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sit down and attempt to write something, even if all I write is a series of

This is farewell, but not a fond one.

Dollar Tree (or DT High, as I like to call it) is an officially closed chapter in my life. I was two mere weeks away from having been there for a year, but thankfully I dodged the bullet and was able to get out before