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So, you think you can beer.

Before I go ahead and get into the actual post I want to credit Crow for this even being a thing. She gave me the idea of writing up a post about beer because of some tips I sent her way about gluten free breweries

The thing about the new generation.

You know, one of my biggest peeves with the newer generations and how they deal with their “drama” is their insistence on passive aggressive behavior. I read so many facebook status updates where someone makes some type of a remark regarding what someone else may,

My Goals for 2014

Gonna start this out by stating I hate the term “resolution.” Whenever we think of that word we think of failed tries at one thing or another. So I want to set up a list of goals to work towards for the year. If things

50th Anniversary

So, aside from seeing Matt Smith walk among the thousands of geeks and nerds at Comic Con while in a Bart Simpson Mask and having not ONE single person recognize him by his voice. The biggest news for Doctor Who was the trailer they showed