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Horror & Suspense Offerings from Hulu & Netflix

I know a lot of people use both Hulu and Netflix, or just one of the services, so I collected movies that I enjoyed from each service here for your viewing pleasure. There are many other movies besides the ones listed, and I’m constantly watching

Crow VS Movie Recommendations

It’s time to duel, and I’m not talking about Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m talking about a challenge that a website didn’t even know they’d issued when they posted a link to an article on their website.

Geeking out at 30

And now, here I am at thirty, and all of a sudden I’m all “COMICS! Must have comics!” I’ve got two of those comic storage boxes. They both are about half full. One of them is almost nothing but Ninja Turtles (what got me started into comics just a few months ago).

Crow’s Horror Movie Drinking Game

I am a huge fan of the horror genre; there’s little about horror movies that I do not enjoy. I enjoy the masculine horror movies of the West and the feminine horror movies of the East. For those who aren’t familiar with the idea of

How Streaming Media Companies Basically Work

Apparently people can’t figure this out on their own. I see more people complaining because of the way companies like Netflix operate. They complain about content availability. They complain about streaming issues. They complain about everything and have no actual clue how any of it

10 Animated Videos That’ll Mess With Your Head

Every now and then we’ll stumble on the weird side of the Internet. It’s not a place that the average user finds themselves too often, but it is there. I find myself on the weird side of the Internet more often than not, and have