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How Streaming Media Companies Basically Work

Apparently people can’t figure this out on their own. I see more people complaining because of the way companies like Netflix operate. They complain about content availability. They complain about streaming issues. They complain about everything and have no actual clue how any of it

10 Animated Videos That’ll Mess With Your Head

Every now and then we’ll stumble on the weird side of the Internet. It’s not a place that the average user finds themselves too often, but it is there. I find myself on the weird side of the Internet more often than not, and have

Crow’s Quality Movie Recommendations

Entertainment has always been my thing – music, movies, plays, musicals, books, video games, comics, et cetera. While I’ve been focusing on introducing people to music they wouldn’t have ever thought of trying out initially, I’ve always had a giant soft spot for movies. While

RWBY makes me jelly.

So a couple of months ago I was looking around Crunchyroll and I saw something on their news about something called “RWBY” and saw Roosterteeth’s name attached to it. ¬†“Roosterteeth?”, I said, “Why would I be seeing something about Roosterteeth on an anime-centric website?” ¬†Then

50th Anniversary

So, aside from seeing Matt Smith walk among the thousands of geeks and nerds at Comic Con while in a Bart Simpson Mask and having not ONE single person recognize him by his voice. The biggest news for Doctor Who was the trailer they showed

Breaking the Fandom Wall

Okay, all us members of “fandom” have been there before. We come with ideas that we all think should become canon in a series that we watch. Should it be Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, etc. etc. We all have ideas or dreams of what