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Dear Person(s) Trying to Hack My Site

In the last 24 hours you’ve attempted to brute force your way into my website at least 28 times from at least 7 different IP addresses via VPN or a proxy. I know this because I get an email every. single. time. you attempt to

Will Not Work For “Exposure”

Everyone knows at least one creative person in their life – be it in the field of photography, music, web design, graphic design, painting, drawing, making jewelry, singing, dancing, et cetera. We all know at least one person who uses their creativity as a source

A Courteous Thank You

Thank you to all the people who have done me wrong, because without you I would never have learned over half of the life lessons that I have learned, and I would still have the mentality of an 18 year old girl who thinks that life and love is supposed to be like a Harlequin romance novel.

The thing about the new generation.

You know, one of my biggest peeves with the newer generations and how they deal with their “drama” is their insistence on passive aggressive behavior. I read so many facebook status updates where someone makes some type of a remark regarding what someone else may,

Not quite a soliloquy, not quite a rant. Bit in between.

Head’s up.. This is most likely going to devolve to a full on rant.   I’m standing here at just shy of 3 decades of life. I stand here looking at what is ahead and behind me. Looking at the multiple futures awaiting, all hinging

It’s Not a Church, It’s a Hate Group

Regardless of your religion, sexual preferences, race, sex, or any other social identifiers you are a human being. Westboro “Baptist Church” is not a church; it is a hate group. They pick and choose and skew the words from the Bible, a book that means