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The problem with Religious Beliefs in the face of tragedy

All right..This is an overall rant over religious BS that pops up on facebook, but it’ll be heavily Christian in terms, etc. (mainly because that is the majority of stuff that gets posted to facebook least in my experience.) That being said, let’s forge

I Finally Have The Answer!

So, I think we’ve established before that I dislike people who go into stores specifically to try and loophole their ways into scamming people out of their money.  Take, for example, one “holier than thou” jackass who came into the store the other day to look

Graphic Design: I’m Fighting an Uphill Battle

I have an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design that I obtained in 2007. I designed the logo for Spartanburg Community College’s coffee shop while still in college, have designed and sold T-shirts on my online T-shirt shop GrimWorld. My degree also covers webdesign and I took business classes. I can run a printing press, speak in front of over 200 (sometimes angry) people at once, I worked as a manager for 2 years and as a shift lead for 2 years before that. I interned with my Graphic Design teacher in college and taught one of his classes.

Yep, Another Work Rant

There exist a certain kind of people in the retail world: Customers who come in with the sole purpose of causing trouble.  We’ve been over this before, they hunt things out of place or with odd signs and try to make us give them things

Pet Peeves on the Job

Ok, so…my first blog.  What do I want to write about? Ah, pet peeves on the job.  I have quite a few.  Most of them dealing a lack of common courtesy and common sense. To start with, I’m a head cashier at a bookstore.  You’d

Media BS

Starting this out by saying this is a rant. A rant against the media in particular. If you are a human with TV access you’ve seen the media running with the guy in Colorado that decided he wanted to shoot some people. If you are