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Screaming at the Heavens

Lately, I’ve found myself wanting to let my frustrations lash out, but there’s really no one to inflict that on, and there is certainly no one I talk to deserves such a thing. So… where does that leave me? Should I just scream at Heaven?

This is farewell, but not a fond one.

Dollar Tree (or DT High, as I like to call it) is an officially closed chapter in my life. I was two mere weeks away from having been there for a year, but thankfully I dodged the bullet and was able to get out before

For the Horde

In the end..The one thing someone can live by is by living “For the Horde”. Whether that is the human populace or zombies, it all ends up the same

Attention Shoppers: You Are Not Smarter Than Us

Keep myself laughing to keep from crying, that’s what I’ve been living by this past month after losing my dad and all that fun stuff. It hasn’t really been going according to plan, but the most part I keep people believing that I’m not on