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It’s Not a Church, It’s a Hate Group

Regardless of your religion, sexual preferences, race, sex, or any other social identifiers you are a human being. Westboro “Baptist Church” is not a church; it is a hate group. They pick and choose and skew the words from the Bible, a book that means

The problem with Religious Beliefs in the face of tragedy

All right..This is an overall rant over religious BS that pops up on facebook, but it’ll be heavily Christian in terms, etc. (mainly because that is the majority of stuff that gets posted to facebook least in my experience.) That being said, let’s forge

The Charge of The Dark God

I am what would one may call Pagan. I view myself a bit more complicated than that. I don’t pick any single monotheistic deity as being numero ¬†uno. I feel all the monotheistic beliefs fall within a polytheistic belief. Logically speaking it makes some major