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Adventures of the Socially Inept: Was That a Date?

That I am in a constant state of not knowing what’s going on around me is no secret. It is something that most people who know me, and spend time with me, have developed the uncanny ability to compensate for. They have grown accustomed to

The sad fact is: I’m too old for this shit

There are a lot of things in my life that I’ve been analyzing; things that I’m discovering that I’m probably actually too old for these days. But when you’re a person who regularly forgets how old you are, it’s actually a bit difficult to keep things into neat piles of age appropriateness.

That anniversary feeling

For anyone that knows me and my wife personally, y’all know the way we ended up together is beyond the classic ideas. We were friends for pretty much forever in “friend” terms. Meaning we have been friends for over a decade. All before we decided

Growing older and its implications

I’m one of those guys who when he was in high school wasn’t very “popular” with the females of our species. I didn’t have my first actual girlfriend until I was a Junior. It was so bad that my brother actually made it a “thing”