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I get it family

I get it family. I’m right there with you. Y’all want to have a new addition to the family. Specifically an addition that is directly tied to Tal. We get it. We’re all on the same page. My biological clock is also ticking. Within the

Losing Control

My grandpa is dying. I literally have to watch him waste away bit by bit every day. He’s gotten to where he is not eating anything aside from maybe a few bites of whatever my grandma cooks and an Ensure. He has gotten this sickly

The age of wanting a legacy..

This is a post about “growing” up as I’ve experienced it.   I’ve seen the stuff Crow has posted about the urge to be more “adult.” I am living in that bubble right now. I’m looking back 10 years when I was a senior in

The sad fact is: I’m too old for this shit

There are a lot of things in my life that I’ve been analyzing; things that I’m discovering that I’m probably actually too old for these days. But when you’re a person who regularly forgets how old you are, it’s actually a bit difficult to keep things into neat piles of age appropriateness.

Mid-Midlife Crisis

It’s like the ticking of the clock; a steady reminder that I’m not actually as young as I look and I should probably stop wasting my time doing things that’ll get me nowhere in life. But, I don’t want to. I want to keep pretending I’m as young as I look, even if it’s just for a bit longer.

That anniversary feeling

For anyone that knows me and my wife personally, y’all know the way we ended up together is beyond the classic ideas. We were friends for pretty much forever in “friend” terms. Meaning we have been friends for over a decade. All before we decided