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Mid-Midlife Crisis

It’s like the ticking of the clock; a steady reminder that I’m not actually as young as I look and I should probably stop wasting my time doing things that’ll get me nowhere in life. But, I don’t want to. I want to keep pretending I’m as young as I look, even if it’s just for a bit longer.

Growing older and its implications

I’m one of those guys who when he was in high school wasn’t very “popular” with the females of our species. I didn’t have my first actual girlfriend until I was a Junior. It was so bad that my brother actually made it a “thing”

Friends Like These, Huh?

So! I predicted to my two TOR-obsessed friends that the game would end up free-to-play and I’d play it then. Lo and behold, they announced the game will be going free-to-play! How about that!

The life of being the “dick” in a group

Ask anyone who has known me on a personal level and they will flat out tell you that I’m a dick. Some may even add the term “lovable” ahead of that term. Every group of friends or people has one. It’s the dude that will