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Do Vicarious Experiences Count?

Vicarious is a word you really don’t hear too often so I’ll go over it real quick, the context I’m using it in is this: Felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others. Basically, feeling like you’re experiencing something someone else has

Free Talk: Crow Ponders Things & Stuff

My full life story is written in the footnotes of the experience of other people. My human experience is, like most often are, reliant on the human experiences of others. As people trudged their ways through the ho-hum of their daily lives I was sometimes

Adventures of the Socially Inept: Was That a Date?

That I am in a constant state of not knowing what’s going on around me is no secret. It is something that most people who know me, and spend time with me, have developed the uncanny ability to compensate for. They have grown accustomed to

Not quite a soliloquy, not quite a rant. Bit in between.

Head’s up.. This is most likely going to devolve to a full on rant.   I’m standing here at just shy of 3 decades of life. I stand here looking at what is ahead and behind me. Looking at the multiple futures awaiting, all hinging