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Media BS

Starting this out by saying this is a rant. A rant against the media in particular. If you are a human with TV access you’ve seen the media running with the guy in Colorado that decided he wanted to shoot some people. If you are

Creepy Crawly Murder Fun Time

So, I used to be a huge Arachnophobe. You know, terrified of those alien spiders with their multiple eyes. So much so that even a mention of a spider could send me into a panic. One time while we were gaming I was sitting on

Self-Justification? Maybe.

I have an odd set of morals. I try to maintain a high standard, the kind of standard my grandmother would be proud of since she influenced my life so much. I don’t think I’ve been doing that. You see, she was about as devout

Attention Shoppers: You Are Not Smarter Than Us

Keep myself laughing to keep from crying, that’s what I’ve been living by this past month after losing my dad and all that fun stuff. It hasn’t really been going according to plan, but the most part I keep people believing that I’m not on