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Let’s Talk About How H.P. Lovecraft Was Racist AF

If you’ve ever been on the Internet, played a video game, watched a horror movie, or read a horror novel then you have probably, in some way, been exposed to Lovecraftian themes. H.P. Lovecraft has been heralded as a master of the horror genre, mainly due

Crow’s Fun Guide To Vampire Lore – Contemporary & Folk

Nearly every country has their own, unique, vampire mythologies. In most cases, countries will have more than one mythology about vampires. There is no single definitive type of vampire. There isn’t really a, “classic,” vampire, either.

So, You’ve Been Waylaid by the Supernatural [A Survival Guide]

Unfortunately, if you’re at the point where you’re putting your Google-fu to the test because you’re desperately looking for a way to escape the shambling ghost girl who is trying to kill you to death, then you clearly have no idea how to make educated guesses that messing with freaky shit will get you killed in awful, awful ways.

Falling’s Just Like Flying

It is impossible to truly experience another person’s dream. It is impossible to see it, to experience it, in the same way as the person who dreamed it. No matter how eloquent the verbiage used in the telling, you are not designed to feel and

Experiencing the “Other Side”

This post is going to be more on the serious side so let’s get it rolling.   I don’t know about y’all that read the blogs on this post, but I know that as I was growing up I would experience some weird things every