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The Truth of Why I Write

I write where I see empty lines; spaces perfect for subverting the cacophony of dark thoughts and black places that lives inside my head.   I write nonsense and useless facts in an attempt to pick the debris from the landscape of my mind.  

Burning Bright

Burning up and burning bright; Fleeting and momentary Like stars blinking out of existance. A flickering candle; A passing ghost. A whisper in a corridor; A passing fancy, Withering like a flower torn from the root. Pouring everything out- The lungs that have forgotten how

A continuation-via poem

The General’s eyes gleamed with a golden light, as he watched his fellow commander descend upon the fight. The glory bought this day in blood more than what was owed. As his fellow commander landed his hope grew, with renewed strength he lifted his short

Make your own title, eh?

The dragon stood upon it’s last reserve, fighting back the hordes of the night. Surrounded on all sides, no hope in sight. It reached into its core to bring it’s last assault, and readied its last strike. As it readied to unleash it’s attack a


All those creepy little places that I have been; does it really ever end? I traded all my nepenthe in and learned the hard way that good people never win. I listened to the fiddle player in the field, and sold my soul for a