Media BS

Starting this out by saying this is a rant. A rant against the media in particular. If you are a human with TV access you’ve seen the media running with the guy in Colorado that decided he wanted to shoot some people. If you are someone in the central part of PA you get a little news about the guy over in Colorado but the biggest thing in the local medai revolves around a man named Joe Paterno. I’m only going to focus on the Colorado thing because otherwise this would result in a rant that makes zero sense. And that isn’t what you as a reader are really here for. You are here to see the perspectives of the various writers this site uses. That being said…Let’s move on to the trebuchets being launched at modern media.

The problem, as I see it, is this. Modern media will take anything that will get them more viewers. If that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t have seen some BS report about how the Colorado shooting was tied to some stupid conspiracy. Lets face it. Each state has different laws that govern who can buy what type of gun. Each state has laws in place regarding what type of guns you can buy. I admit I’m a bit of a “reality” nut. So I will sit down and watch shows like “Sons of Guns” and “American Guns.” That being said..I learned something that is very telling..You see..”American Guns” follows a gun shop in Colorado. A gun shop that sells fully automatic guns to people who live in that state. That tells me that Colorado, as a state, allows automatic weapons to be purchased legally. But what we see the media portray is that this “clown” (pardon the pun) had some previously unknown access to government armaments? You can go online and purchas surplus supplies from the military and police forces. That psycho bastard did everything legal. And that is what is scary. He didn’t break any laws to get his hands on his arsenal. He followed what his state laid down as guidelines in order to get his guns. I’m focusing on this guy because I have seen some really stupid stuff via social media. The one news thing I read mentioned how his demeanor was completely calm after he killed innocent people. Have they not heard of drugs? I mean honestly..We now live in a world where people will eat another person’s face because of drugs..(I still stand by the whole Zombie deal btw). When dealing with face eating people…and a guy that shoots people in a crowded theatre..the media automatically goes to blaming not just the previous movies..but the comics themselves..Don’t they realize that Batman (as far as I am aware) has yet to kill a bad guy? He doesn’t use lethal force. The media needs a wake up call…I don’t know exactly what that call should be..but it’s gettin ridiculous with how they take one object and will run with it. The shootings in Colorado are the result of a mind that had something wrong with it. Something inside snapped. It’s that bloody simple. Leave the victims in peace and stop dragging it out.


The media has become a…parasite…Yes. Parasite..It focuses all of its attention on the negative of what we as a society can do…While ignoring the ingenuity that we can accomplish. Unfortunately..I do not know how to reverse this view of the media..but I am very open to your own opinions.