RWBY makes me jelly.

So a couple of months ago I was looking around Crunchyroll and I saw something on their news about something called “RWBY” and saw Roosterteeth’s name attached to it.  “Roosterteeth?”, I said, “Why would I be seeing something about Roosterteeth on an anime-centric website?”  Then I watched the trailer attached to the article.  It was bad. ass.  I mean, it was so badass I’d consider putting it right here, but that was actually the third trailer.  Man, I’m writing this and I don’t know what to show here.  I mean, that trailer was the first to have any voice acting really, so it stands out, but I love the first trailer because I love the character’s design and weapon in it, sooooooo all right there’s the first trailer.  Check it.  Now.

Done yet?  Good, let’s continue.

See, that was awesome.  The first two episodes are out on too.  I’m REALLY digging so far, mostly because I love awesome female characters so much.  I mean, the girl in that trailer, Ruby Rose?  I love her design, her weapon, and I like her personality so far too now that the series has started and she’s actually talking on top of blowing through things like a whirlwind of pain.  Anyway, the point of this, other than to tell you to go watch RWBY right the hell now, is to go on and on about how utterly jealous I am of Monty Oum, the mastermind behind the project.  I mean, damn, he’s doing pretty much what I want to do: Tell the story he wants to tell.  I have so many works of mine that I don’t even know where to start.  I draw, I write, hell, since I saw this I’m beginning to dabble in 3D modeling again, though I’m not sure what will come of it since my experience is in LightWave but it costs money so I’m having to try and learn to use Blender since it’s free.

Who knows, maybe I can get something going and I can challenge Monty Oum to 3D combat, but until then, check out RWBY.  You just might like it.  It’s a weekly web series, episodes tend to be a bit short as a result, but like Red vs. Blue I’m sure it’s going to amount to a lot by the end of its run.  Not to mention the series already has an impressive as hell soundtrack and am eagerly awaiting an album release of.  Sure, I could buy the individual songs as they’re released, but if there’s a chance a physical CD could come out I will be all over that.

I can’t really say much about RWBY right now other than to check it out yourself since it’s literally just started.  The art, design, action, all of that really appeals to me.  It’s an original world full of magic and crazy anime physics.  All of the main characters (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.  Get it?  RWBY.) are females with badass weaponry and insane combat abilities.  Beyond that I couldn’t say much about what it’s actually about.  I’m sure it’ll become clear later, and I hope people will check it out after reading this.  My only real complaint is a few minor inconsistencies in the animation, and really I only noticed them after a second viewing.  Lip Sync is a little off sometimes and sometimes actions don’t seem to… hm.  Connect properly?  Like, clipping!  There we go.  Minor model clipping (Models cutting into each other unintentionally) as well.  Still, these are things I only noticed after watching more than once.  I will say this: Check out all four trailers first.  They’re packed with action, action that will likely become commonplace after we get through these introductory episodes, though the first episode had a generous amount of ass-kickery as well.